Bespoke Design Electronics

Custom Designed and Manufactured Electronic Solutions

BDE works with you to design, develop and deliver a bespoke electronic solution uniquely tailored to your projects

Talk to BDE when off-the-shelf electronic solutions don’t give you the control, precision, scalability or sophistication your projects require.

BDE has delivered state-of-the-art electronic solutions for over twenty years. We understand that every project has its own unique requirements, considerations and outcomes.

Tell us about the outcomes you require and our industry-leading electronic engineers will develop a bespoke design, choose components of exceptional quality and integrate them seamlessly into a fit-for-purpose solution.

Bespoke, fit-for-purpose electronic solutions


We specialise in giving you tailored solutions that cannot be obtained with off-the-shelf hardware. Our end-to-end development philosophy takes into consideration both current and future requirements.


Our engineering team approaches each and every project from scratch. Our design methodology, component selection and manufacturing pathway will be uniquely aimed at delivering you the perfect solution and outcome.


Recognising that your project has unique requirements, we choose only the most suitable components along with our own manufacturing techniques and capabilities. Our state-of-the-art machinery and tools can deliver the latest innovations to your projects.


Often the need for one of our end-to-end electronic solutions begins with a challenge or problem. By engaging our expert engineers early in the process of tackling these, the final solution will be more effective and reached more efficiently.